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…just really around the corner, the first set of new releases for 2020initial info already available on the respective pages, audio-excerpts & additional details to be uploaded very soon …

U62 Vanessa Rossetto “self-care”
U63 Thibault JehanneFarol

Assembled painfully and seriously lagging the still anticipated usual “Best Of” 2019 list from the Unfathomless HQ…the abundance of sources makes it a bit more difficult each year  – may its publication lead to some potential discoveries and new aural pleasures…
To browse through it, pls click on the thumbnail below.

Again, future doesn’t seem that bright, all signals are in the red, minds keep stubbornly obtuse – our only hope lies in individual transformation and awakening, but ends are often new beginnings…

For various personal reasons, beliefs, I still consider Art & Music as deep solace and vectors of good word and action…

Whenever you can, do support independent labels & artists – your karma will improve considerably…

IMMENSE GRATITUDE as ever to all the loyal and new supporters, followers, and Bandcamp fans who boost me at large amplitude, and are so really the spine of the growing Unfathomless roster…

For 2020, lots on the plate – expect works from (tbc) : Nicola Di Croce, Philip Sulidae, Clinton Watkins, Simon Whetham Jeph Jerman, Giovanni Lami, Ludovic Medery, Jay-Dea Lopez

PS : still not on the rails, but ever in thoughts : a Mystery Sea Bandcamp presence

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TJ Norris puts on his mountain man clothes to step into Banks Bailey‘s tracks into the open Wild, sensing all the aural shades of a world on a possible road to perditionState-of-the-art field recordings distilling intense beauty !



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TJ Norris makes his way through the cave meanders,  disclosing why Leo Okagawa‘s “something veiledacts like a revelation



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For the “off the beaten track” online mag Noise Not Music, Jack Davidson extends Grisha Shakhnes‘ own words, bringing to light esthetics anchored into the reinterpretation of what the present could/should be…a way to escape boredom, perhaps…



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Howard Stelzer exposes his own view of acoustic ecology, and how much “something veiled” enters deep into the territory of sonic poetry ending up as a rich catalyst of imagination



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Massimo Ricci in his own particular way of making words dance, unfolds his vocabulary around the murky audio-diary of “being there“, seeing it as an exercise in the Now and the varied territory of how things around you get sensed beyond being the reflection of a moment



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While just out of some local harsh drought, TJ Norris welcomes “Woodland Sigilrain infused percussive ritual as promises of renewal, and trigger for some exploratory mind opening drift



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