Regular reporter for The Sound Projector, Nausika/Jennifer Hor grasps all the scope of “Farol“, creeping within its overwhelming presence, and all unvoiced emissions




TJ Norris, mastermind behind Toneshift, savor the results of Grisha Shakhnes’ confrontation of internal & external sound worldsa free yet controlled array of muffled loops pervaded with the mystery of the quotidian




For A Closer Listen, Richard Allen senses the inescapable aura of an impressive metallic structure – a flamboyant encompassing sound x-ray




With her sharp quill, Jennifer Hor for The Sound projector experiences the invasive “self-care”, coming out of it with more questions than answers, sensing the underlying intensity of the whole undertaking




In Vital Weekly 1224, Frans de Waard lets himself be carried along the 25th April bridge vibes, appreciating to the full the fine flow of sounds going hand in hand with this careful auscultation




In the venerable The Wire, Bill Meyer recounts his dive into Vanessa Rossetto‘s intimate recordings, an auditory trip where fragments of the quotidian and the random are arranged in such a way that it gets all really poignant





Brian Olewnick, in a flock of words maps out the blurred outlines of “our seasons reverse” – an ode to up-and-coming world full of dangers and promises




Relayed concise close aural observation from another sharp listener, Brian Olewnick in his Just Outside blog about “being there“, testifying of an impactful pervasive collage of sound




For the discreet but long present The Sound Projector magazine, Jennifer Hor interrogates Grisha Shakhnes‘ creative practice and the way it reduces distance, while proposing a full-bodied inescapable rolling out of riveting sounds




For The Sound Projector, Nausika/Jennifer Hor perambulates into the recesses of “something veiled” stating the range of its latent potentials once you get absorbed into it