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U52 Frédéric Nogray | Ondureñas CD


Often in performance with his impressive armada of crystal singing bowls from which he extracts slow powerful sharp vibes & acute drones, Frédéric Nogray has pushed further his electronic, and electroacoustic treatments applied to the sound matter…
Particularly interested in the perception of the aural phenomena and the way it interacts with space, he tries to forge listening experiences that interfere with our deeper realities…
Having dived again in his imposing archive of sounds brought back from the jungle of Honduras, he carved patiently a new “expedition” underpinned by a frame of visceral and ascetic tones, perhaps even more biting and shamanic than on “Merua”…

…”Ondureñas” is built to lose yourself into, a bewitching canvas coming in perfect unison on top of nature itself …it simply cuts much much deeper


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(Belgium) : 13 € (inc.shipping costs)
(Europe) : 14 € (inc.shipping costs)
(World) : 15 € (inc.shipping costs)

! bundle offer till October 15  ! (2 CDs) : U52 + U23 Frédéric Nogray “Merua” 

(Belgium) : 23 € (inc.shipping costs – SAVE 3 €)
(Europe) : 24 € (inc.shipping costs – SAVE 4 €)
(World) : 25 € (inc.shipping costs – SAVE 5 €)




U53 Jérémie Mathes & | In[Core]Wat[t] CD



Expatriated since about 3 years now in Cambodia, Jérémie Mathes has done some sporadic sound engineer activities over there, among other, installing sound systems in local theatres, but alongside, he has continued to gather field recordings from local natural reserves and wild surroundings – though, not only…
He managed indeed to record in a lot of Buddhist temples and pagodas, and compiled his experiences in a fictive sort of audio book, bathing us in the subconscious meanders of a fascinating country…


…”In[Core]Wat[t]” is a condensed tome of peripheral, and inner sanctum brisk impressions, ultimately rendered as a quasi lucid dream

pre-order your copy via Paypal at usual price
: chalkdc@unfathomless.net

(Belgium) : 13 € (inc.shipping costs)
(Europe) : 14 € (inc.shipping costs)
(World) : 15 € (inc.shipping costs)

! bundle offers available till October 15 !

BUNDLE 1 : 2 CDs  : U53 + U15 Jérémie Mathes “Efequén” or U53 + U31 Jérémie Mathes “Fallow Memory” >>>

(Belgium) : 23 € (inc.shipping costs – SAVE 3 €)
(Europe) : 24 € (inc.shipping costs – SAVE 4 €)
(World) : 25 € (inc.shipping costs – SAVE 5 €)

BUNDLE 2 : 3 CDs  : U51 + U15 Jérémie Mathes “Efequén” + U31 Jérémie Mathes “Fallow Memory” >>>

(Belgium) : 33 € (inc.shipping costs – SAVE 6 €)
(Europe) : 34 € (inc.shipping costs – SAVE 8 €)
(World) : 35 € (inc.shipping costs – SAVE 10 €)





Dale Lloyd ventures into this aural island diary enshrouded with some unspeakable mystery…





TJ Norris/Toneshift immerses himself in this aural diary where there’s more than meets the ear, sensing murky undercurrents and an unusual pervading aura…




In a very descriptive and diligent style, TJ Norris rafts along Jeph Jerman‘s audio-odyssey, pinpointing its patterned and layered structure, and above all, its sheer exploratory merits opening unsuspected unconscious territories




TJ Norris, multidisciplinary artist and talented writer with sentient ears, auscultates in Aulis, going through a meditative experience emphasizing the intensity of spectral presence/absence…





Richard Allen lets himself drown into an autonomous world in motion where machines have their own tales, and retains the strength of absence…




Richard Allen analyses “Imbrication” given its meaning discovering all the beauty of wild nature overlapping waste, generating a gigantic sonic playground