Refusing to give in to bitterness, and through thick and thin, the Unfathomless series blossoms further with 2 new titles…

So, ever excited to present you this second couple of Unfathomless releases for 2019 – PLS SUPPORT, it is needed ! :

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U58  René Aquarius  | Woodland Sigil CD


This came out a bit of nowhere, and glad it did thanks to (Machinefabriek) Rutger Zuydervelt’s kind suggestion…After some impressive albums on Utech Records (“Blight”) and Moving Furniture Records (“Transmutation”), René Aquarius, also Drummer from Dead Neanderthals continues to push his technique outside of the usual rhythmic patterns by brushing an engulfing panorama based on enhanced field recordings captured in some mystic/mythic Swedish sites…

After a period of ripening, René Aquarius managed to extract the aura and specific ambience of his recent Swedish audio diary…

Woodland Sigil” is the breathing of an ancient buried land lacerated by rain…

Feel the dampness, listen to the beating heart of the dark forest, and let yourself flow into the moonlit streams..

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U59  Banks Bailey | Mountains and Waters CD



After his utter intimate “The Pool”,  a descent into oneself, Banks Bailey, US patient field recordist and composer of graceful vivid soundscapes with a life of their own is back with a totally epic “Mountains and Waters”…don’t let yourself be misled by the simplistic title, as these 3 words are like a mass of huge power, an ode to a fast disappearing world…
Pure fragile beauties are lying so close at hand, and Banks make them speak volumes…

Rocks cry and crack apart, trees fall, animals in jeopardy howl their distress, water flows are like veins for a new life…

…”Mountains and Waterssounds like a legacy, a constellation of trails to follow, a collection of deep-rooted poetry and 3D teaching field recordings 

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2 CDs : U59 + previous U47 “The Pool” :

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Bourdon du Kinzie” has gone under Brian Olewnick‘s magnifying glass, and in a flock of words, he pinpoints the merits of this subworld of distinct resonances and aurally affecting frequences




In a second flow of words, TJ Norris “dissolves” himself into the haunting meanders of “Tombland“, lured in by its cinematic accents  …





The ever richly descriptive and sentient TJ Norris takes a deep breath to plunge into the guts of “reclaim“, seeing it as a piercing magnification of Nature’s ways to recapture its original spaces




In a review for the second new Unfathomless title, Richard Allen for the ever attentive A Closer Listen mag considers this darker suburban descent as an attempt to embrace a place in all its recesses





Taking on the first of the new Unfathomless couple of releases, Richard Allen is swept along the environmental disastrous changes of brb>voicecoil’s “reclaim“, and its redemptive sonic study





In a condensed to the point overview of “Bourdon du Kinzie” in the Dusted online mag, Bill Meyer puts forward the interactions between interior and exterior acoustic phenomena at play in an old battery bunker, all skillfully brought to light by A.F. Jones, mastering virtuoso engineer (and not only !)  …