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TJ Norris, mastermind behind Toneshift, savor the results of Grisha Shakhnes’ confrontation of internal & external sound worldsa free yet controlled array of muffled loops pervaded with the mystery of the quotidian



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With her sharp quill, Jennifer Hor for The Sound projector experiences the invasive “self-care”, coming out of it with more questions than answers, sensing the underlying intensity of the whole undertaking



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In the venerable The Wire, Bill Meyer recounts his dive into Vanessa Rossetto‘s intimate recordings, an auditory trip where fragments of the quotidian and the random are arranged in such a way that it gets all really poignant



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Brian Olewnick, in a flock of words maps out the blurred outlines of “our seasons reverse” – an ode to up-and-coming world full of dangers and promises



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Relayed concise close aural observation from another sharp listener, Brian Olewnick in his Just Outside blog about “being there“, testifying of an impactful pervasive collage of sound



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For the discreet but long present The Sound Projector magazine, Jennifer Hor interrogates Grisha Shakhnes‘ creative practice and the way it reduces distance, while proposing a full-bodied inescapable rolling out of riveting sounds



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For all the absent-minded or the too busy ones, this is the late confirmation that  the first 2020 new couple of Unfathomless titles is now well available since February 11…

pls check details by clicking on the images here below

U62 Vanessa Rossetto | self-care CD/Digital



Obviously aside, with a very strong personal universe on the edge of sound poetry and radiophonic theater, documenting her own life within various contexts, she carves an intimate audio diary which may as well serve as a mirror for our own yearnings and questioning. Vanessa Rossetto is – simply put – a prime contemporary American composer

…self-care unfolds like a vintage flawed film and is a powerful avant-garde meditation about reflection, and the relation to ourselves…It operates like a domestic ritual…

The few proper truly musical moments make this confession even more intense, and highly reinterpretable – the voice is the guide and also the Carroll-esque rabbit’s hole…

A slow dripping acts like an opening curtain, and triggers the awakening
In the background, obscure appliances purr,
naked voices tear the morning, a conversation starts and stops, the city cries…
Tranquil sounds creep in the day, noises lurk.
It’s windy outside
Traffic serenade, radio snippets, sighs,
all eventually coalesce in punctual grandiose sound elevation
Shuffling bric-à-brac, searching for answers into the rummage,
trying to escape…
A ghost choral lures us in, and then slips away…
It’s time to care about ourselves perhaps…

order your copy via Paypal at usual price for the regular edition of 150 copies

(Belgium) : 13 € (inc.shipping costs)
(Europe) : 14 € (inc.shipping costs)
(World) : 15 € (inc.shipping costs)


Special ultra ltd edition of 50 copies only packaged in black mass–tinted cardboard digisleeve with frame. It holds a set of 2 double-sided art cards with a different artwork from the regular edition on 350gr satin paper.
+ a set of 3 square photos on Fuji Archive Crystal paper.
Inner sleeve features a glued fragment of torn paper bearing the catalog reference. (none the same as well)
Digisleeve comes in a resealable cello.

! NOT MANY LEFT – HURRY UP if you want to secure that one !

order your copy via Paypal for the SPECIAL ULTRA LTD edition :

(Belgium) : 16 € (inc.shipping costs)
(Europe) : 17 € (inc.shipping costs)
(World) : 18 € (inc.shipping costs)


! Close to be finishing as well !

BUNDLE OFFER at a discounted price till February 29 only ! : 2 CDs : U62 + previous U35 “The way you make me feel” :

(Belgium) : 23 € (inc.shipping costs – SAVE 3 €)
(Europe) : 24 € (inc.shipping costs – SAVE 4 €)
(World) : 25 € (inc.shipping costs – SAVE 5 €)




U63  Thibault Jehanne | Farol CD/Digital



Seriously impressed by his previous album “Eskifjörður” on French imprint Kaon a few years back, I’ve never ceased to keep an attentive ear on Thibault’s creations…both sound artist and video maker, he’s trying through his practice to isolate fragments of time, and to spark off focused listening…
in a sort of a crossroad between motion and stillness, he seems to have found a singular space where he develops his own narratives that just transcend the moment and take us elsewhere
When I stumbled upon his page exposing his work around the 25th April in bridge in Lisbon, it immediately referred to my own fascination for this piece of architecture as a sound object, and how it inscribed itself in its environment, and kind of animated it…

…“Farol” starts like a distant siren song, a strange breathing inducing a majestic swaying…sighs of a giant steel accordion performing the ceaseless traffic…

mesmerizing staccato…continuous motion as an invitation…at some point, voices emerge, anchoring the aerial…
Water laps against metal, making it whine…

…“Farol” brings you to another shore through its alien roar, making us gaze, inspired, at the possibilities of transformation…

order your copy via Paypal at usual price

(Belgium) : 13 € (inc.shipping costs)
(Europe) : 14 € (inc.shipping costs)
(World) : 15 € (inc.shipping costs)





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