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Next couple of Unfathomless titles about to show up :

pls check initial details by clicking on the images here below
audio-samples to follow very soon…


U50 Jeph Jerman | Imbrication CD



Imbrication is like the sum of many followed paths, a diligent drift in and around some of Jeph’s familiar peripheral locations with this wish to render them tangible to our ears…
a crucial learning sound promenade where the world comes out as unified by some strange discreet laws and where everything merges ultimately into one



pre-order your copy via Paypal at usual price for the regular edition :

(Belgium) : 13 € (inc.shipping costs)
(Europe) : 14 € (inc.shipping costs)
(World) : 15 € (inc.shipping costs)

50 first copies = special ultra ltd edition  in kraft recycled cardboard digisleeve, including a set of 4 double-sided interchangeable art cards (all different from the regular edition), and more to be revealed

(Belgium) : 16 € (inc.shipping costs)
(Europe) : 17 € (inc.shipping costs)
(World) : 18 € (inc.shipping costs)




U51 Mathieu Ruhlmann & Joda Clément | Sound Diary of Quiet Pedestrians CD



Sound Diary of Quiet Pedestrians unfolds like a personal notebook summarizing years of comings and goings in and around Vancouver sometimes inhospitable districts…expect urban reinterpretation and auditive traces of transportation modes singing beautiful laments



pre-order your copy via Paypal at usual price :

(Belgium) : 13 € (inc.shipping costs)
(Europe) : 14 € (inc.shipping costs)
(World) : 15 € (inc.shipping costs)

! bundle offers available till mid June only !

BUNDLE 1 : 2 CDs  : U51 + U01 mathieu ruhlmann “tsukubai” or U51 + U09 Joda Clément “The Narrows” >>>

(Belgium) : 23 € (inc.shipping costs)
(Europe) : 24 € (inc.shipping costs)
(World) : 25 € (inc.shipping costs)

BUNDLE 2 : 3 CDs  : U51 + U01 mathieu ruhlmann “tsukubai” + U09 Joda Clément “The Narrows” >>>

(Belgium) : 33 € (inc.shipping costs)
(Europe) : 34 € (inc.shipping costs)
(World) : 35 € (inc.shipping costs)



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Detailed listening report from Jennifer Hor for The Sound Projector where she lays a finger on what vibrates at the very heart of “Ramshead“…a permanent sense of mystery that points out to something else within a language of its own…




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Nathan Thomas for the ever classy Fluid Radio  writes a concise, perceptive report about his immersion within Ramshead, 
trying to pierce its strange appeal, and its special way of working on our senses…Abandon your rational approach, and just “feel” the sounds…



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In a dual review together with Philip Sulidae’s “Ramshead”, Richard Allen lets himself be carried away by the apparent calm of “in Aulis” till it traces its grooves deep inside in a merciless, fierce roll out



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A Closer Listen‘s team leader Richard Allen  heaps praises on Ramshead for its continual enthralling & meticulous editing, a soundtrack which gets hooks into you and only gets better in the course of time…



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Frans de Waard fathoms the mechanics behind “in Aulis”, and his swept away by its insidious beauty



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Frans de Waard begs for more of this weird “diagonal” tripwhen organic matters and various perceptual states form a whole new story



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