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Nausika/Jennifer Hor graces The Sound Projector with a lengthy report of her dive within “Les pierres sèches“, insisting on the constant dialogue between exterior and interior sounds imbued with traces of the past, and difficult to pin down manifestations

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Frans de Waard drops a few polaroïd words around “Les pierres sèches”, sensing the scope and picturing the scenery of this work seeing it as some intense, lively transposition of a disused factory and its spectral traces

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Just a reminder to let you know that the second pair of Unfathomless titles for 2020 is actually available since Wednesday, August 19…
Don’t dawdle too much, especially for the discounted Ludovic Medery bundle offer which will expire on August 31, or for U65 in its ultra ltd edition
version (only 8 copies remaining as I write this)…


pls check details by clicking on the images here below

U64 nicola di croce | 47AD CD/Digital



With a particular sensitivity towards urban vistas probed through the sonic prism, and its faculty to boost our level of general awareness, nicola di croce, both architect and sound artist, and with a serious academic pedigree, certainly knows how to make us go underneath the veneer…
In the wake of his quite impressive collaboration with Enrico Coniglio, “Mergariam” on Flaming Pines, he had the excellent initiative of submitting “47AD” to me. Definitely more rural in a way, although still concerned with the intricate interactions between outside and inside, being it the examination of the sound spectrum generated by the fermentation broth within metal tanks of an old vineyard in the region of Treviso.

…”47AD” depicts an enclosed muffled world of its own,
an amniotic drift acting like an access key to the levels of our Unconscious,
along a clearly perspective changing, transforming process

Drips, bubbling, spinning mash evoking some sort of circular ritual,
interacting with the gibberish external half echoed words of passing workers or visitors…
On this substrate, a cluster of sedating, calming tones slowly envelop the listener,
not numbing him, rather exacerbating his acuity…

Like witnessing the emergence of a brand new microbiotaa strong affecting experience

order your copy via Paypal at usual price

(Belgium) : 13 € (inc.shipping costs)
(Europe) : 14 € (inc.shipping costs)
(World) : 15 € (inc.shipping costs)




U65 Ludovic Medery | Les pierres sèches CD/Digital



After his previous acclaimed “eMERgences”, a unusual seaside excursion with many tangents, the versatile Belgian sound artist, Ludovic Medery is back with a gripping “fiction sonore” permeated with the invisible presences oozing from an abandoned factory…As a constant traveling, explorer of sounds, lato sensu, Ludovic is still situated at the boundaries of musique concrète, field recordings, improvisation, and electronic manipulation, paying great attention to the objects and immediate surroundings…

“Les pierres sèches” let the walls speak unique tones, capturing the reflections of past lives…
Everything is contained within the Now…
A train passes like wind, a bell resounds like an alertness signal…

Small gestures build their own stories…short jolting percussive sequences activate metal, assembling seemingly disparate fragments…
The flowing ruptures free unheard of layouts under which things are allowed to breath more, whipping the air, embroidering within the gaps…
Birds sing undisturbed, sticks & child games draw memories, delineating a new living space…

“Les pierres sèches” is an inclusive ceremony that won’t leave you intact…totally inviting…

order your copy via Paypal at usual price for the regular edition of 180 copies

(Belgium) : 13 € (inc.shipping costs)
(Europe) : 14 € (inc.shipping costs)
(World) : 15 € (inc.shipping costs)


Special ultra ltd edition of 20 copies only 10 packaged in black mass–tinted cardboard digisleeve with frame + 10 packaged in thick pure white cardboard digisleeve with frame (pls precise if you want the black or the white edition)
It holds a set of 2 double-sided art cards with a different artwork from the regular edition on 350gr satin paper.
+ a set of 3 photos (details tbc)
Inner sleeve features a glued fragment of torn paper bearing the catalog reference. (none the same as well)
Digisleeve comes in a resealable cello.

order your copy via Paypal for the SPECIAL ULTRA LTD edition

(Belgium) : 16 € (inc.shipping costs)
(Europe) : 17 € (inc.shipping costs)
(World) : 18 € (inc.shipping costs)


BUNDLE OFFER at a discounted price August 31 only ! : 2 CDs : U65 + previous U45 “eMERgences” :

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